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an abstract guide to Lombok’s waterfalls part 2

yeay, the second part!! i’ll be writing about 3 waterfalls and they are all located in north Lombok

tiu pupus

this one is the nearest out of all the watrefalls i’m going to write. and to get here is the easiest. the road are smooth and after you park your vehicle, it only needs like 15 minutes walking to get there.

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this isi it, tiu pupus

the waterfall is not that high, and the pool around it is not deep either, only comes up to your knee probably. IMG-20170511-WA0012

and the pool is not that crystal clear because there are a lot of sands.

there’s actually another waterfall near here called tiu pituq but i didn’t go there. (hopng someday)

gangga waterfall

this waterfall ls located about 25  minutes away from tiu pupus, you have to take a long way from the main street, to a rocky street and then after you park your vehicle you have to go down into some kind of jungle then you’ll see this

this is just one of the waterfall

there are two waterfalls on the higher side and one on the lower side. but i didn’t go to the lower side. too tired for it haha

the other one

the other waterfall is really awesome because it’s like hidden (well not really) but if you’re the only one there it really feels like a perfect hideout.

the view you got once you’re up there

almost forgot to mention, there are some tree house near the parking lot in this waterfall. the basic tree house, or the ones that are shaped like love (which you can always find in almost every tourist side in Indonesia right now)

one of the basic tree house

tiu teja

aand the last one. located about 30 minutes from Gangga waterfall. quite far. even from the main street it tooks about 15 minutes and another 15 minutes on the rocky road and then you’ll get to the parking lot. buut after that you have to go doown through hundreds of steps.

just a couple of steps. there’s a lot more down there!

but! once you’re there it totally pays off. the waterfall is just incredible.

tiu teja yoo!!

and if you came on a sunny day instead of rainy day, you can take a dip into the pool or even go behind the waterfall, but you won’t be able to see anything because the current is too strong and it’ll hurt your eyes if you force to open it. haha.

that’s another magical sites in Lombok, catch you up later!


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