lombok, mountains

couple of feets above the sea level

when i was at fifth grade my dad took me to this hill. not that high, just a couple of feets above the sea level but high enough to make your body feel so sore days after that. so i had the chance to climb it again with some of my friends on april.

this hill is called pergasingan hill. located in sembalun, east Lombok, about 2,5 hours drive from Mataram. you can go through north Lombok but it will take longer. this hill is located near Rinjani, which you can see once you get to the top.

the good thing is, if you don’t have much time you can climb it in the morning, go to the top, take some pics, enjoy the view and go back down in just a day. but if you have so many time and would like to spend the night. that’s a great idea too. you climb it at noon and get there just before the sun set. usually it takes around 1,5 hour for normal people to get to the top (fyi it took me 3 hours because i barely exercise and i stop A LOT of times on the way) but there’s those strong local people who only need like 20 minutes to get to the top. too amazing to be true.

the view halfway up on one of my stops

so because i went there on holiday, there was a lot of people and we could barely find a spot to bulid our tents but we did at last.

the peak of Rinjani seen from the top of the hill
pretty crowded right?

so we stayed there for the nights, played uno cards and have pep talks about stuffs around the fire. and it was so freezing cold up there (for someone who lives in a warm place like me). and just to keep in mind it’s a complete nature up there so don’t expect to find any toilet. you have to go and do those stuff in some grass you find 😛

so the next morning we ate breakfast and pack our stuffs an the view in the morning is even better!!!

how cool is that!?!
the hill across pergasingan (idk what’s the name)

so that’s just one hill in Sembalun, there’s like another hundreds of hills there. waiting to be stepped by my feet.


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