lombok, waterfall

an abstract guide to Lombok’s waterfalls part 1

pardon me for that long title ya. so because there’s like thousands of waterfalls in Lombok and I haven’t been to all of them. I’ll just write some of it. the rest is catching up (if I have any chance to go to the rest anyway)


these two waterfalls are located in central Lombok, approx. 40 minutes to an hour to get there. because there’s not much signs that leads there, you can always ask the locals the way. they’ll always answer 🙂

the way to benang stokel is around a mile from the parking lot. not that far right?

sorry for that paper, couldn’t find any other pic of benang stokel ;P

the pool around the waterfall is not that deep so you can take a shower in it (if you want) and I suggest not to go here on holidays. it will be freakin crowded.

and theen if you still have time you can go to benang kelambu waterfall which is located not that far from benang stokel. you can walk through the forest and there’s stairs actually for like 20 minutes but if you’re not a big fan of walking up and down the stairs you can always ask the local people on the entrance to take you there and pay of course.

kelambu actually means curtains or some kind of mosquito net because of the shape of the waterfall as you can see.

by the way if you’re lucky enough going there on a clear, sunny day, you can see mount Rinjani on the way to these waterfalls.


these two waterfalls are locates in north Lombok. around two-three hours away from Mataram. there are two entrances to these waterfalls. you can choose the first one. a long way but with not-so-high stairs or the second one, not a long way but with high stairs. almost the same actually. and when you get there you will get to sendang gile first


the waterfall is not that high and people like to stand under it. you should try (if you think you’re strong enough). i guarantee it feels good.

theen you can continue your walk to tiu kelep through a forest too just like in benang kelambu but with no stairs so it’s a little better (for me).


that is tiu kelep. there’s a pool just under the waterfall but you better not swim in it.  it’s too dangerous. you could drown, or you could hurt yourself because the waterfall is strong enough to chop your head off (i know, scary aye?).

so there it is. the first part of my abstract guide of Lombok’s waterfalls. feel free to ask by the way because i know that was some real abstract guide.

(jadi itu saya nulis pake bahasa inggris karna satu hal dan lainnya. tapi kalau ada pertanyaan, silahkan bertanya ;D )



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