a letter to mr. president

dear mr. President,

last month I went to your house. yes, your actual house. but you weren’t there by the way. and I know that you won’t be there because you passed away long time ago before I was even born. I like your house by the way mr. president. i like that big pavement yard in front of your house and how they made a statue of you to remind everyone who goes there what you look like. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and I like how people can visit your house for free. and drink for free too. yeah, i’m that kind of person who likes free stuff.

I like your house mr. president. it’s big and people still take care of it for the sake of this country’s history.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and your bedroom for God’s sake! it almost feels like you still live there and can come right in any time of the day.

and almost every inches of your house is still in good condition, forget how old it is. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and they even still have your car park in the garage mr. president. aren’t you proud?

well mr. president sorry that i’m writing this in English, is not that i don’t want to write in Indonesian, i mean i love Indonesia. it’s my homeland anyway. who doesn’t love their homeland? i’m writing this in English  because i know you’re a genius (because i went to your museum and saw the awards people gave you. i was stunned. honestly mr. president, you’re a total genius) and of course you’re going to understand this if you read this. and another reason why i write this in English is because i hope people from around the world might want to read this (it’s not like there will be millions of people who read my blogs, but at least i tried) and they will have the chance to know about your house (and you of course mr. president) so there. i gave my reasons for not writing this in our language.

by the way mr. president, thank you for your sacrifice to this country well it’s not like you’re going to read this and say “you’re welcome khansa” in the comment because we’re already separated generations after generations. but at least i would like people to know that every single Indonesians is proud of having you as our first president.

cheers mr. president, you’re awesome!.


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