when the nature strikes back

actually i have been thinking writing about go green stuff when i made this blog. its on my to-write list but i never got the time to write about it because i’m still collecting evidences around me.

my number one concern about the enviroment is rubbish. well i’m not concerning about rubbish. i’m concerning the people who still throw rubbish wherever they want in 2017 while the end of the world is getting near.

and i’m going to tell you a secret. out of all the not so good photos i took when i traveled. there’s some photos that i really don’t want to show here because it’s just..awful. but i’m going to show it here so that we realise that our nature has been spoilt by the human. yes, us. don’t act like you never throw rubbish because i’m pretty sure we all have done it even once.


those two photos are taken in narmada park. i have written about it but i didn’t show this before. the biggest pool are actually dirty. like really dirty with rubbish floating around and you can see theres actually a dead fish in the second photo. not sure if its already dead then someone throw it or its dead because of the rubbish around.


and this one up here was taken in a beach in central Lombok. i went here a few times but haven’t write about it yet. i don’t understand why people throw rubbish in the same place where they swim. human can be very confusing sometimes.


and those two up there was taken in my university. yes. the place where i study. there was a competition that day and everyone got some snacks and rice. they put rice in a styrofoam. i had a small fight with the person who suggested to put the rice in styrofoams first, they are not good for the enviroment because they’re a lot worse than plastic and second, they’re not good for your health. but i lost the battle and i ended up cursing myself for not being stubborn enough in this problem. and ended up seeing all those rubbish in the of the day. img_20161210_122124

and that photo of flood up there happens not long ago. on december i think. it was raining all day and i came back from university around 5 and was really shocked theres a flood. well not a big one but in a small city like mataram, a flood is really something unusual. so i dared myself to slow my motorbike and took a photo in the middle of the road.

i don’t know much about climate change but honestly i can feel it. for me, climate change is when the nature strikes back by giving human disaster day after day, place after place. i know that we can’t stop it because we just can’t. its the life cycle of mother earth. but we can still prevent it and there’s tons that we can do and it starts from yourself. in problem like this you should not care about what other people thinks and said as long as you’re sure you’re doing the right thing. people always looked at me in a weird way when i took photos of rubbish and maybe thinking that they’re a better object somehow. or when i took my rubbish home instead of throwing it in mid air thinking that the earth is a big dump or something. or when i refuse putting my groceries in plastic because its just a couple of things and i can carry it with my hands.

those are just some examples how people sometimes don’t know or don’t want to know whats happening to the earth, the place where they live. and this is one reason why i write about this. i know that there wont be a lot of people who read this but this is the least i can do now to create a better world.




3 thoughts on “when the nature strikes back”

  1. so…i read you blog and i like it…a lot..
    it shows how you service yourself in this environment
    but can i ask you a question?
    i’m asking this because you and your family understand the environment more than i do
    so the way to reduce the plastic, i know it’s hard but…should we burn it or…..else…
    is there any way?
    because when people burn it i just hated it cuz it will make a gigantic smokes nad takes a couple hour to vanish…..thank’s



    1. well, theres only one way to reduce plastic which is..not to use plastic at all. when you go shopping try to bring your own reusable bag or if you didnt bring it and you only shop a couple of stuff, you can just bring it with your own hand. but even if you still take plastic from the store (which sometimes i actually still do because of my lackness) try to use it again until it actually cannot be use. and theres only two other ways. burn it (which will make the global warming even nastier) or throw it and it will end in the dump (which will take hundreds of years for it to dissapear) so theres not much choice actually. plastic is a freakin huge problem:(


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